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JT Songs (All I Want Is) Julie Delpy

JT Songs (All I Want Is) Julie Delpy

before sunrise是英文老師Yvonne推薦的電影

Julie Delpy是女主角

這首歌唱到  all I want is Julie Delpy  呵


我很喜歡這旋律 有迴旋再迴旋的味道


像這樣=>  once -say it to me now

(另一部好看的電影 開頭主角就在無人的街頭獨自激動的唱這首歌)




(All I Want Is) Julie Delpy  lyrics

God or whoevers in charge,
Wont ya help me?
All I want is Julie Delpy
And her charms to surround me,
And her arms wrapped around me.
Ive been lost and disillusioned,
Chained and tamed by cruel confusion
Cursed and worse by twists of fate
Betrayed by love and kissed by hate
But now Im free from indecision,
Ive seen the light, Ive had a vision
I know that shes the one for me
And I have information that she is free (unofficially)-
Julie Delpy

Shes been in loads of films
All of which Ive seen,
She makes frequent appearances in my dreams
Theres no disputing the fact that shes a fantastic actress,
She looks like an angel in a black dress
Or behind her veil in Three Colours White
For her Id go to jail just to set things right
Or even just to stroll around and talk
Oh how I envy Ethan Hawke
Well Id be her slave, Id work for free
I know that shes the one for me-
Julie Delpy

Now all thats left to decide is which is better,
To fly to France or just write her a letter.
Id go to any lengths to swerve her
Profess my love with undying fervor
We could walk by the Seine beneath the Paris moon
And Id sing her songs to make her swoon
Or even take her to a country chateau
And stay up all night drinking Bordeaux
And wake to the perfume of her hair
To kiss her shoulder and find her there
Oh her eyes would smolder in the morning light
And everything would be exactly right
O what a sweet life that would be
I know that shes the one for me
Julie Delpy
Julie Delpy
(lyrics: Copyright JT SONGS, InnerEar Productions

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