Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letter to Mr. Kinz, the humanity teacher of Kaohsiung American School

[Letter to Mr. Kinz, the humanity teacher of Kaohsiung American School]

I met a american school teacher, Mr. Kinz at TED conference.
I joined the dinner with him and his students, talked about education.

We have the same philosophy. He encourages his students to think while
chatting, I think he's more like a philosopher, like Socrates or 孔子,

So I wrote this mail to share my educational blogs.
I hope he can read Chinese, lol.

Here are FB pages of him and his classroom.
Danny Kinz
Mr. K's Classroom

I admire him and his high school students, hope I can talk with them soon.


Hi, Kinz

Haven't seen you for a while. I read the FB info page of yours
and Mr. K's classroom, there are many phrase I totally deeply agreed with.

I even think about that, when I have children someday, I want to sent my children to school like this,lol.

I think you are doing a wonderful educational work. Me, as a student, try to find someways to do educational work, too.

So I built a series of blogs. The main purpose is to show there are too many awesome things in the world, and it's fun to learn, to discover.

Many Taiwan students spend lots of time studying, preparing exam, and just playing video games and stroll on the street when they are free. So I want to show there are many things are fun to learn, too.

I built the blog - "we sing, we dance, we steal things"
and here are some amazing videos

The first video is about a homemade spacecarft, the second one is about learning (playing) around the world. These two represent the idea of this blog well!

I also build a blog "Easy Intro Index"
(sorry, mainly in Chinese)
The blog collects some introduction like "computer science intro", "graduate student intro", "open course ware index", "web information tool intro", etc.

The blogs are simply provide some links on it. The links are from some websites built systemically that help us learn a domain knowledge easily.

I think the knowledge of using internet information is especially important, because many Taiwan students don't know how to get the information they need on the computer even they are college students. Many students only read textbook and go class, but only google and go to library and bookstore for studying seldom times.

I was struggling in studying computer science. Buy now I know books in library and bookstore provide the easy way to learn (even better than school teachers sometimes). And now with internet, I have confidence to learn and get any information I need.

Hope my words are not too many to you, lol.
Hope we can meet soon, maybe I can join your students playing


Allen Lin

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